The Fiormonte Law Firm can draw on a network of professional partnerships established with other law firms active in the world's major capital cities.

For roughly the last fifteen years, we have also been active in the sports sector, as consultants to companies.

Specifically, since 1991, we have handled the introduction and development, within the world of professional soccer, of the franchising system.

The Firm

Fiormonte Law Firm was founded in the year 1953 by Mr. Roberto Fiormonte Barrister at Law. The Fiormonte Law Firm is able to provide all-encompassing legal services worldwide, thanks to a network of consultants and staff with whom we operate as a professional pool of skills and know-how.

Activities in the Republic of Maldives

The firm, since 2006, has started a legal activity in the Republic of Maldives, through a partnership with a Maldivian law firm, in the capital of the atoll, Male.

Sports Law

Sports has become a full-fledged business, governed not only by the rules of the market, but also by the regulations laid down by both the governing bodies of sports and the government administration..

Doping & Antidoping

Prof. Luca Fiormonte, Vice President of the Italian Antidoping Court, has published this book in Italy which is a real help to all the athletes to avoid, trough the knowledge of the rules, the antidoping violations.

Real Estate and Real-Estate Funds

In the sector of real-estate law, the Firm offers consulting and all-encompassing assistance to its clients in every branch.
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