The Firm

Fiormonte Law Firm was founded in the year 1953 by Mr. Roberto Fiormonte Barrister at Law.

The Fiormonte Law Firm is able to provide all-encompassing legal services worldwide, thanks to a network of consultants and staff with whom we operate as a professional pool of skills and know-how.

The firm is specialised in private and commercial law, administrative law and business law, with a particular emphasis on the drafting of tender contracts, commercial projects for companies, the utilisation of trademarks and their marketing, consulting on the purchase and sale of radio and telephone concessions and licenses rights, corporate transfer agreements (mergers & acquisitions), franchising, merchandising, the establishment of joint ventures and venture capital, due diligence assessments, assistance with pharmaceutical law, plus all other matters regarding pharmaceutical enterprises, arbitration and arbitrage procedures, the real-estate sector, including the establishment of real-estate funds, plus all activities involving rentals, as well as hotel law (Hotel Industry Law).

For roughly the last fifteen years, we have also been active in the sports sector, serving as consultants to companies, in addition to working on the marketing of trademarks, contracts of sponsorship and partnership, plus marketing and communications, as well as consulting on the purchase of radio-television licenses, concessions and broadcasting rights.

Specifically, since 1991, we have handled the introduction and development, within the world of professional soccer, of the franchising system, as well as the purchasing of radio broadcasting rights to the games of the different professional leagues, consulting regarding the sale of television rights on behalf of soccer clubs, the stipulation of contracts between television broadcasters and servers, distributors and advertising companies, plus appeals and petitions to national sports disciplinary organs and to those of the UEFA European Soccer Federation.

The consulting work referred to above has also been developed internationally, thanks to the know-how acquired in the United States (Boston, New York and North Carolina) through experience with American law firms.

The Fiormonte Law Firm can also draw on a network of professional partnerships established with other law firms active in the world’s major capital cities.


Along with our consulting activities, we also perform a full range of court-related activities, drawing on the expertise of professional consultants specialised in tax and corporate law, as well as criminal law, with total support supplied to all clients.

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