Activities in the Republic of Maldives

The firm, since 2006, has started a legal activity in the Republic of Maldives, through a partnership with a Maldivian law firm, in the capital of the atoll, Male.

We were the first Law Firm to have a branch directly in the Maldives, where we can support everyone would like to invest in the Maldives and\or to make business in the Republic of Maldives.

The Republic of Maldives offer many opportunities of investment and business: in tourism sector (Resorts, Hotel, Guest House), in the construction, waste disposal, food and beverage, import –export, fisheries sector (Tuna and fishing), health sector.

Our consulting is involved from the study of the investment, trough the start up to the signing of the contract and agreements, including all the legal, commercial and marketing assistance, before, during and after the investment.

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